Business Appraisals–Selling Your Business

For the Seller, Hidden Values Maximize Sale Price

As a seller, we look to maximize the value of your business through tangible and intangible assets as well as current and future opportunities for profitability and growth.

We also consider the perspective of the buyer, so we can gain insight into the value of your company from their viewpoint. For example, you may not only be selling a business, but also selling the knowledge and expertise that comes along with it. Your experience and transfer of knowledge can be a major asset to a prospect. Alternatively, a competitor purchasing your company may gain synergies, economies of scale, or increased market presence. Another example might be a supplier who is purchasing a captive market for their product. In each of these scenarios, the value to the buyer would exceed typical valuation formulas.By taking this knowlege into account and proactively targeting these types of companies we can help you to maximize your sales price and your returns.

In situations where the purchase will be paid out over time, we also work with you to make sure your future revenues are secure.