Financial Management

Get the advantages of in house financial expertise

without the cost

Just because you don’t need a full time Chief Financial Officer or Comptroller, doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from having full time access to one.

In today’s fast paced world of business, often key financial decisions which impact the health and profitability of your company are overlooked in order to deal with the day to day demands of keeping your business running and your customers satisfied.  Our mission is to relieve you of this burden by serving as a financial arm of your business.

Donald Rifkin personally serves as an integral part of the senior management team for a number of his clients.  He participates in strategy, planning, forecasting, tracking, reporting and operational decisions.   Individual financial recommendations are made within the context of overall company goals.  Whether for annual planning meetings or crisis management, we make ourselves available to service your needs as if we are your full time resource.