Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting must be compelling, credible and defensible

Initially, we started our Forensic Accounting Practice to service the needs of our legal clients.  They were seeking a firm that had the talent to uncover and analyze information in order to craft a compelling, credible, understandable, and defensible story.   Based on this experience we have a proven track record of winning cases and bring our opponents to the settlement table based on the data we have uncovered.   Our clients needed an accountant that could…

  • Uncover critical information by:

o      recognizing that each piece of data may be a clue or critical part of the puzzle

o      evaluating all possible scenarios

o      having the strategic focus to assemble the clues and disparate pieces of data into a  cogent message

o      obtaining critical information from an adversary, when that information is not necessarily forthcoming

  • Assist in trial work through:

o      comprehensive report generation

o      assisting in case  strategy

o      in-depth financial data support

o      identification of  vulnerabilities for both sides

o      cross examination strategies

o      ongoing support as needed during pre- trial and trial activities

  • Provide expert testimony which

o      Clearly and convincingly communicates arguments

o      delivers messages that are relevant to the audience

o      withstands cross examination