Litigation Support

Undeterred by obstacles, litigation support requires creativity, persistence and diligence

In litigation support the adversarial nature of the relationships must be factored in along with all of the other considerations of a typical appraisal.  On the one hand proprietary information needs to be closely guarded, while on the other hand it has to be fiercely sought after.   In many cases, knowing the right questions is critical. Further, following a trail of clues, with one number unlocking the door to the next allows us to uncover vulnerabilities and opportunities.  Undeterred by obstacles, it is our experience that information that is buried, delayed, or otherwise withheld often is among the most valuable.  In addition to our other litigation support activities it is critical to be able to:

  • convert the findings into a compelling, understandable defensible argument.
  • convincingly present and defend those findings