Payroll, Bookkeeping & Office Automation

You don’t have to be buried in paper work

You know that there are many tools out there that can improve your business operations, yet you don’t have the time to implement them.  If your company is like many others, there is a high comfort level in doing things as they have always been done, and perhaps along with that comfort level a resistance to change.

At Rifkin Associates we are experts at helping companies transition into new systems which can tremendously help both efficiency and quality control of your operations.   Whether it is accounting, bookkeeping, inventory control, or other management systems, we pride ourselves in significantly improving the work environment.

We take great care to include your employees in the process so that they are very comfortable with the changes being made.  We also  work with parallel systems until the new processes are successfully implemented and accepted.

In order to learn more about the automation opportunities for your company, please call today to set up a free no obligation consultation.